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Stealth Students–Chapter 3


“So, Mr. Gray, we were thinking—.” Gina looked at Emily and Maren.

“Thinking what?” asked Mr. Gray.

“Well, we wanted to know if you could put us in a group together,” said Gina.

“Yeah,” said Maren. “We were talking and we kind of have the same interests.”

Mr. Gray giggled. “Same interests, huh? Liiike…?”

Maren held up one of her notebooks. “Like we all like to write.”

“Interesting,” said Mr. Gray. “Why else do you want to be in the same group?”

The girls glanced toward each other. Emily shrugged and her face wrinkled in thought.

Maren broke the silence. “Emily and I thought if we were all in the same group, we could make it easier for Gina because she’s new here and we can help her get to know the school.”

“Yeah!” said Emily, hardly known to speak up except during attendance.

“Well, there are two problems,” said Mr. Gray. “At some point, I may have to add a fourth student to your group.” Then he smiled. “Plus, Maren and Gina, you two look a little bit alike. I might get you confused!”

“Not a problem,” said Maren. The other girls giggled. “Waaait a minute! Mr. Gray, Gina doesn’t wear glasses!”

Mr. Gray chuckled. “Gotcha there, didn’t I? How about if you three see me when school lets out and we’ll move some desks.”

“YES!” said Maren. The girls did a group high-five.

“Thanks, Mr. Gray,” said Gina. “And I’ll see if my mom can dye my hair purple so you’ll be able to tell me apart!”

Mr. Gray dropped his head, and shook it. “Oh, lordy, what haaaave I done?”

Again, the girls laughed and headed out of the classroom.