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Stealth Students–Chapter 3A

The next morning, the girls entered the room and looked for their new location.

“Perfect,” said Gina.

“Just what I’d hoped,” said Maren.

“Even better than I had hoped,” said Emily.

The back corner of the room, furthest from the doorway.

“We won’t be noticed nearly as much this way,” said Maren, as she plopped her books onto her desk.

“I might even be able to draw my game boards,” said Emily.

“And I,” said Gina, “can use my watercolor pencils without kids asking to borrow them.”

Their new location did, in fact, attract some attention.

“Why do you guys get to form your own group?” asked Steven, who simply had to know everything.

Maren shrugged. “Maybe Mr. Gray wanted us closer to his desk so he could keep an eye on us.”

Steven gave them a side-glance and eyed them with suspicion. “Hmmm…I might have to ask Mr. Gray,” he said.

“Yeah,” said Gina. “We would like to know too. Go ahead and ask him!”

Emily tensed up. She didn’t like the way this was going.

Steven stood up.

“Mr. Gray probably figures we don’t pay enough attention,” said Maren.

“Especially since we asked him who keeps spilling tortilla chips near your desk every day,” said Gina.

Steven stopped, turned to the girls, and sat down.

Maren gave the high-five signal to Gina and the morning continued with Steven a little more reserved than usual.