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500 Word Challenge

Okay, I’m in for the 31-day 500-Word Challenge.

rolling a boulder uphill

My thanks to Jeff Goins for the invitation.


Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7

Day 8

Day 9: Lists Galore

Day 10: More on Finishing and Follow-Through

Day 11: An Imagined Interview with Jon Acuff

Day 12: A Lesson in Procrastination

Day 13: Prevarication Ensues

Day 14: A Day in the Life

Day 15: A Letter to Jeff Goins

Day 16: Taking Stock

Day 17: An Un-Career Retrospective

Day 18: Nothing to Write About

Day 19: Stardom Denied

Day 20: Stardom Denied [Part II]

Day 21: Food Crisis in Room 13

Day 22: List Your Fears

Day 23: Aiming for Justice

Day 24: Aiming for Justice [Part II]

Day 25: The Eclectic’s Journal–Introductory Pages

Day 26: Disappointment

Day 27: In Place of Jeff Goins

Day 28: Tag-team Eulogy for a Writer

Day 29: Letter to Ideal ‘Make Side Hustling Stick’ Customer

Day 30: Lessons from the Challenge, Part II

Day 31: A ‘Conversation’ with Jon Acuff

Day 32: [After a week-long break] The Answer Guy–A Backyard Hole