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500-Word Challenge: Day 9

Today’s 500 word challenge–Lists

I’m a day behind Jeff G’s prompts.

Reasons for my being a day behind

  1. I’m an incorrigible.
  2. I’m generally a day late.
  3. I’m a dollar short.
  4. I’m usually both.

Reasons why I like writing

  1. I can spew frustrations
  2. I can show admiration.
  3. I can share gratitude.
  4. My email messages are a preferred platform.
  5. I can remind myself what’s important.
  6. I can shine the light on good work by others.
  7. I can make fun of myself.
  8. I can make fun of others.
  9. I can repeat my sentence openings till they bore readers into submission.
  10. I can share my adventures in the kitchen.
  11. I can let loose in first draft mode.
  12. I can figure out what really is bothering me.

Reasons why I don’t like writing

  1. It’s too solitary.
  2. It takes away from time with family and friends.
  3. It doesn’t yield immediate rewards.
  4. It takes energy from other tasks.
  5. It can be or at least feel like a time-suck.
  6. It makes me wonder what is important. And yes, in the previous list, it can remind me what IS important.
  7. It can make me vulnerable.
  8. The results of writing can be confusing and unsettling.
  9. I spend too much time writing for correctness and clarity to the point of taking the fun out of it.

Reasons to keep exercising

  1. Great release of energy.
  2. I can still read or watch TV while exercising.
  3. It keeps me focused on healthier eating. I mean, why do the exercise if I’m going to undermine it with a bad diet? I think I’ll mull over that with a bowl of tortilla chips in front of me.
  4. It helps me maintain strength and flexibility.
  5. That’s a lie about flexibility because I rarely stretch after exercising.
  6. It opens up the neural and intellectual pathways. I get some of my best, or at least most exciting ideas while exercising.
  7. It gets me outside, even in bad weather.
  8. When I’m done, I feel like I’ve accomplished something.

Ways I can multitask

  1. I can listen to podcasts while doing mundane chores.
  2. I can read while exercising.
  3. I can write while exercising.
  4. I can listen to podcasts while mowing the lawn.
  5. I can exercise while watching college football games.

Reasons I bake

  1. It’s creative.
  2. I can share the results with friends, neighbors, and spouses.
  3. I like using my intuition rather than measuring spoons. [It’s the rebel in me. ;->]
  4. It is comforting, especially on a Sunday afternoon.
  5. The aromas fill the house.
  6. So much variety, so many calories, so little time.
  7. Baking brings people together.
  8. It’s fun to share the experience on my blog.

Favorite podcasts I listen to

  1. The Creative Penn
  2. Side Hustle School
  3. Smart Passive Income with Pat Flynn
  4. Louder Than Words Bookcast
  5. The Sell More Books Show

Favorite Books

  1. You Are a Writer
  2. Show Your Work
  3. Write It Down, Make It Happen
  4. Side Hustle: From Idea to Income in 27 Days
  5. Charlotte’s Web
  6. Potshot
  7. If You Can Talk, You Can Write
  8. Finish
  9. The War of Art
  10. Turning Pro
  11. Do the Work
  12. Waiting for the Magic

What have I learned from podcasts?

  1. Inspiration is good. Inspiration with action is better.
  2. Keep writing and, according to Brian Clark, keep going.
  3. Writers should keep in touch with repurposing their work into courses, ebooks, anthologies, etc.
  4. Sometimes you have to stop listening to podcasts and just get to work. [Pat Flynn discovered that.]
  5. It took Pat Flynn at least 18 months after he first recorded himself to finally post a podcast. [Lesson: Resistance and wavering confidence victimize pretty much everybody.]
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