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500 Word Challenge–Day 6

500 words for Day 6

Okay, Chrome is opening up and I’ll be looking for photos of ‘perfectionism’.

In keeping with my current reading of ‘Finish’ by Jon Acuff, I’ll be adhering to his ‘If you want it done, make it fun’ tenet.

Anyway, I tried opening a new document in OneNote, thought I’d be a rebel and use it to write my words rather than MS Word or Google Docs.

I tried using Cortana to open up a new Word document and take a look at what Windows 10 generated…

[Hey, if I have to have a Domino’s pizza whenever I start writing, well, that’s not all that bad an idea, but it seems a little extreme, in terms of doing the reward system to motivate me. Anyway, each time I work with this system and this laptop, well, let’s just say, once again, it ain’t fun.

I swear I double-tapped on the Chrome icon about two minutes ago, fully expecting to have it start up underneath this Scrivener document [Boy, I am heavy into product placement today, aren’t I?] and did it? Noooooo. That is NOT fun. Jon Acuff, I swear you are just shaking your head at me, thinking, ‘you pathetic shlub, have you learned nothing from Chapter 4?’. And I wouldn’t blame you one bit.

Am I trying to talk myself into getting that Mac laptop? Most likely yes, but when I see that this laptop’s brightest setting doesn’t even work well in a sunlit room, not to mention outside on a bright summer day, and when Cortana tries to sell me a pizza and when Windows 10 or the Lenovo laptop ignore my concerted effort to tap open an oft-used software program, well, let’s just say Mr. Or Mrs. Or Ms. Perfection would not be pleased, now would they?


For today’s challenge, Jeff Goins has challenged us to write about another person. To dovetail with my reading  of FinishI’ll be personifying and writing about ‘perfectionism’.

I just had a lightning bolt—Perfectionism isn’t a single person, it’s a committee. [That way, I can dodge being labeled a sexist, biased, hateful toward one gender or another kind of person.]

And so…let’s meet the perfectionism committee.

They are the type of people who, after you’ve called a breakfast meeting—your treat, by the way— to work on a project and you’ve laid out an approach toward completing a project, well, Perfectionism just shakes its head and says, “That’s not how I work.”

Perfectionism is the kind of person who, prior to calling you into its office, snaps at you to bring along a raft of documents—unrelated to the point of the meeting—for one reason and one reason alone—to put you off your game and make it clear who wields the power, no matter how derailed the meeting becomes.

Perfectionism is the kind of person who chooses to look at a project you’ve worked on for months and zeroes in on the perceived unsuitability of one page.

Perfectionism is the kind of committee which is quite comfortable with giving direction when, just a week prior, completely bungled a very elementary sub-step in anotherwise simple process.

Okay, that’s good for now. Thanks to Jeff Goins and Jon Acuff for the writing momentum.

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