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500-Word Challenge Day 3

500 words Challenge

January 3

so far, so good.

Here’s an irony: In my 2018 focus on ‘finishing’, one of my first goals is to finish the book ‘Finish: Give Yourself the Gift of Done’ by Jon Acuff.

I think he would approve.

He suggested

On an embarrassing side note: when I reopened the book last week, my Kindle told me I hadn’t opened it since November, which would suggest that I turned to page 1 soon after I bought the book and didn’t do much with it since.

Trust me, that is no reflection on the content of the book.

This guy is on our side. He’s been there. He’s started and failed to follow through on tons of stuff.

But, as evidenced by the fact that he’s published at least four books, well, he’s now a finisher.

And, because I am a mature, well-adjusted individual, I hate him for it.

So, take that, Jon! See? I at least finished that unkind collection of words.

Really, though, I have enjoyed his past books, which include ‘Start’, ‘Do Over’ and ‘Quitter’ [There appears to be a common thread here.]

But back to Finish. [Because I have to ‘finish’ these 500 words.]

I really appreciate his seven key suggestions, starting with ‘Cut Your Goal in Half’.

What’s the thinking here?

To boil it down: make your goal accessible so you don’t flog or filet yourself over not reaching the original, most-likely-too-big-and-unreasonable goal you set.

And once you climb that reachable peak, you will gain inspiration and momentum to work toward the original goal.

In that same thread, he talks of the ‘planning fallacy’ concept. Basically, we almost always underestimate the amount of time we need to complete a task. So, imagine your wanting to lose ten pounds and you are expecting to do that within a month. [Not reasonable, probably, for many of us, not even healthy, but you’ve set that time limit. And 30 days passes and you’ve lost, say, five pounds. That’s a more realistic result, but, with help from the planning fallacy, you may be beating yourself up over not reaching the ten-pound goal.

So, the author’s calling my attention to the planning fallacy concept has been very helpful.


Okay, I’m going to stop right there on my discussion of the book ‘Finish’.

Just putting this to digital paper gave me an idea—to keep a ‘Finisher’s Diary’. At the very least, I will list things I complete [not counting meals—that’s never a challenge, though I will admit there are times when I underestimate how long it will take me to complete them. ;->

And now for some wasted words—does an emoji count as a word?

Anyway, starting tonight, I start filling out one of my 53 unfinished journals [of course they’re unfinished!] with a list of things I complete. Title: My Book of Follow-Through

Not sure if I should include each of my 500-word posts for this challenge, however. Of course, if I keep yammering on about this inane concern, I’ll be cranking out more words and soon enough I’ll be done!

Finally, it is not easy to follow Jeff’s directive to ‘not edit’. I reread some of the above material and boy am I repetitive. Oh, well, march on!

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