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500-Word Challenge Day 1

Okay, I’m in and I have to write 500 words. I’ll include links to more entries below this first entry.

The theme today, for now, is following through. That’s what I have to work on this year and this challenge by Jeff Goins should help me with accountability.

Actually, there will be lots of themes and lots of conversations between myself, as the writer, and my characters.

Let’s start with a conversation between my stealth school characters and myself.

So what’s been going on, ladies?

G: Stop typing and listening to the football game.

M: Yes, pay attention to us. It doesn’t matter if Alabama or Clemson win that game. What matters is you need to be writing our story and you have ignored us for months.

E: Yeah! Why is that? And are you going to show these conversations to the whole world.

Me: Now, now, ladies, let’s just relax. We’ll get organized, but for now, we have to get 500 words in and where they end up, well, we’ll worrry about that later.

M: Okay, then, we’ll have to trust you. And what’s this I hear about  you involving us with all kinds of new kids and characters from our neighborhood? What happened to our story at school just being about us?

Me: Well, it was a consideration, but I do agree that I have ignored you a bit, so I need to revisit our story.  Have you come up with any ideas?

G: We have tons of ideas, but you just keep dawdling on Stealth School and so it’s in kind of a limbo, or at least that’s what Mr. Gray called it.

Me: Mr. Gray? He’s actually been paying attention to you?

M: He has to. We’re his students.

Me: Yeah, but he’s so busy with all the goofier kids who misbehave that he hgenerally just hopes you will all keep busy.

G: He won’t admit that, and you know it. Hey, I can see you! You’re listening to the game again.

Me: Now, now, give me a break.

G: But when your mind wanders sometimes you don’t get back to us. So prove that you’re involved in our story.

Me: Okay, let’s see, well, I do like the idea of you having some adult allies at school who tend to sympathize with your situation.

E: Yes, matter of fact, Mrs. Lucchesi is wondering when you will write in the part where we can use the library during our lunch time.

Me: Well, it’s like this. I want to establish you three as a team first and then when you wander the halls she and Clara the Lunch Lady will take note and ask if they can help.

M: And what do you remember about what we most like to do?

Me: Well, Maren, you’re the journal-ist. You write down everything and Gina is the artist and sketcher and Emily is the hands-on builder and maker.

M: Don’t forget! I also like to take pictures and that’s not all that easy at a school where we’re not supposed to have devices.

G: Yes, and Emily is always making board games and designing things and coming up with inventions.

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