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Day 2 of 500 Word Challenge

So here goes. Day 2—thrilled that I completed Day 1.

Will be equally thrilled that I completed Day 2.

We’re heading out for errands I want this done now.

Am reading the book Finish by Jon Acuff and have taken two solid steps to get this 500 words done.

I walked away from the three dirty breakfast dishes I left in the sink. They will get done, only about 30 minutes later.

And I closed the door of my writing room so that I can finish this.

Back to Finish, the book.

He talks of ‘planning fallacy’ where people have a misconception about how long a task will take to be completed. And that certainly enters into my inability to finish.

But he really talks about perfectionism and its toxic side effects.


He also talks about how lousy it feels to not complete goals and I think pretty much everyone who bought his book has felt that. Basically, we have bet on ourselves and have come up short. It never feels great to depend on someone else and have them not follow through, but that’s nothing compared to not following through for yourself.

So what’s the solution?

According to Acuff, one small step is cut your goals in half. I’m listening…

Yes, it sounds great and it is. In other words, get realistic. And when you reach that shortened goal, when you cover that half-mile instead of the whole mile, then you’ll be juiced to take on the next half-mile.

I like it.

And that’s partially what’s going on with this 500 word challenge. I’m combining this with Jon Acuff’s 30 Days of Hustle Challenge.

But wait a minute! Should I cut that goal in half?

Or should I simply make the 30 Days of Hustle goal the same challenge I’ve undertaken with Jeff Goins?

Aaaaggh! [I hope aaaaaggh’ counts as a word toward my 500 words. Then again, I could spew another 100 words stating my case for the aaaaggh to be counted as a word and that would eat up more words toward my challenge.

And remember, we’ve been told by Jeff Goins to not edit, so there you go. I love this challenge!

Uh-oh, I just backspaced and added an exclamation point. I cheated by editing and now I’m eating up more words by confessing to my editing transgression. [And here’s another issue: shouldn’t longer words, like, say, ‘transgression’, count as two words? [But of course, then we’d have writers coming out of the woodwork claiming that if that verbal anarchy took place, then we might have to count words like ‘to’ and ‘I’ and ‘and’ as half words and we’d be living in chaos.

So okay, I’ll back off of the ‘long words equal two words’ insanity. But by god, it certain ate up a few more words now, didn’t it?

Anyway, a few lessons from Finish:

Perfectionism is bad. It almost always results [at least for folks like me] in half-accomplished goals.

Much of the book really dovetails with a number of the main points of ‘The War of Art’ by Steven Pressfield.

For now, having reached 530-ish words, I guess it’s time to do those dishes.

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