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Chapter 4–Stealth Students


“I can’t believe how boring even recess is,” said Gina. They weaved their way through a game of tag and around kids gathered in a circle.

“I know what you mean,” said Emily. “I used to like being outside, but that’s when I was a little kid. Now there’s nothing interesting to do.”

“Well, sometimes I just go on field trips during recess,” said Maren.

“What do you mean ‘field trips’?” asked Gina.

“Follow me,” said Maren.

The three marched toward an oak tree that stood next to the back fences of neighborhood houses.

“So, I get down on my knees and look really closely at the ground,” said Maren.

“What do you see?” asked Emily.

“Bugs and little little plants. Sometimes, I count them.”

“How do you do that? How do you know where to stop counting them?” asked Gina.

“I just draw lines in the ground and those are kind of like a city limits, so I just count what’s inside.”

“Is that all you do?” asked Emily.

Emily was filled with questions in Chapter 4

“Sometime, I take pictures,” said Maren. She pulled out a camera about the size of her hand.

“Are you even supposed to have that?” asked Emily.

“The school rules say you can’t bring a cell phone. They don’t say anything about a camera.”

“Wow, you’ve really thought this through,” said Gina, pulling out a small tablet and pencil and jotting down a few words.

“Do you take those everywhere?” asked Emily.

“Why not? I get as bored as you at recess,” said Gina.

“And since,” said Maren, “we don’t really have science in Room 12, I make my own.”

She aimed her camera at her partners, then lowered it.

“Ya know,” she said, “I think we need a name for our group.”

The three were silent for a moment as they looked at each other.

“So, what are our initials?” asked Emily. “Some groups name themselves that way.”

“Well, there’s M for Maren, and there’s an E for Emily and a G for me,” said Gina.

“So we’re MEG? That doesn’t make sense,” said Emily.

“Okay,” said Maren. “Let’s try EMG, no, wait…”

“G and E and M” said Emily and Gina.

Another short silence. “GEM!” they shouted.

“Like a jewel!” said Maren.

“We can be the GEMstones!” said Gina.

“We have a name!” said Emily. “Cool!”

End of Chapter

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